GovTrack is a GPS enabled asset tracking solution for governments and municipalities. Through car integrated GPS technology we provide affordable, scalable solutions to governments and municipalities to keep accurate accounting and location tracking of government assets.

Practical applications include:

-Tracking of building and maintenance equipment to decrease theft or increase accountability among municipal employees.

-Vehicle health monitoring by observing driving patterns of speeding, fuel consumption, and other vehicle health. Also keep a digital log of mileage travelled and locations travelled to.

-Live location of tracking first responders for police dispatch and fire rescue services.

-Bus route tracking provides up to the moment real-time tracking of school buses travelling routes. This enables administrators and/or parents to be aware of delays at bus stops or view the location of children in real time.

The Zimmerman Group is also able to custom design and tailor software solutions to meet your specialized needs. To learn more or get GovTrack for your municipality please visit